Audio Gait translates walking movements into auditory feedback. The mobile system is an uncomplicated learning aid for training with a lower leg prosthesis.
Sensors record the patient’s movements. With the help of a smartphone, this data is converted into acoustic feedback. The intuitive sound design continuously reflects the ideal movement of the body: a gentle knock signals that the foot is touching down, increasing or decreasing tones indicate a tendency towards poor posture (e.g. external rotation of the foot).
This stabilizes the rhythm of walking autonomously and prevents chronic long-term damage. A connection with individual favorite music is also conceivable.
Audio Gait translates walking motion into audio feedback. The portable system is an easy learning aid for shin-prosthesis training.
Sensors detect the patient’s movement and data is converted into acoustic feedback on a smartphone. Intuitive sound design continuously mirrors the body’s ideal movement. A gentle tap signals foot placement, while increasing or decreasing volume signifies incorrect posture (for example, an outward rotation of the foot).
The walking rhythm is strengthened autonomously and chronic, long-term damage is prevented. Customization with a user’s favorite music is a possibility.